Top 7 Unique Gadget : Useful in daily life under 10$

Ashish Charde


Everyone always talks about smartphones, smartwatch and laptop, but how about some super useful gadgets that you'll actually Useful in daily life? Yes, I'll be focusing on that today. I'll be talking about Top 7 unique gadgets under 10 $, and trust me, all of these are actually really good. So don't miss out on anyone.

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TV Keyboard Remote

Let's see, the smart TV Remote sucks at bad scrolling; they are a pain when it comes to typing, and we use them every single day. This is a remote that replaces all of the TV remotes and solves all of the problems with every single one.

Look, this can connect to any Smart TV you have. You just plug in the dongle in the TV, and it automatically pairs with the TV, and it just works. It has a qwerty keyboard, so you can type on the TV like this way easier than your usual remotes. It has a trackpad on the top, so you can use this to scroll faster, and it also has click support. It also has volume controls and music controls, and did I tell you that this is a backlit keyboard ?

Yeah, very cool. this is like the perfect replacement for all the usual TV remotes, and the price is also insane at just 499 rupees (6.08 dollars).

 Smart Switch Converter

Smart switches and smart switchboards are very expensive, so how about a really cool Gadget ? that turns your usual switchboard into a smart switchboard. I'm talking about this tiny little Gadget that you just need to set up inside the switchboard.

You can set it up yourself, but I'd suggest getting a professional to do it. Once you have set up the switchboard, all you need to do is set up the switches in the app, and that's it. You can now turn on and turn off the switches like this with the app, or you can also link the app with Google Home or Alexa so you can use Voice Commands to control.


These switches It's awesome, and it actually works very well. The price of the Smart Switch converter is around 1300 rupees (15.84 dollars)and I think it's totally worth it.


Sneakers Cleaner

sneakers, don't we? But the problem with white shoes and sneakers is that they get dirty very quickly, and cleaning them is a big problem. That's where this comes in super handy. This is a sneaker cleaner from Philips, and it works really well.


It comes with three different heads for different types of shoes. This is recommended for soles and rubber; this is for mesh and canvas shoes; and this is for polishing leather shoes. But you can use the one that works best with the shoes, and it works really well. So this is a very dirty shoe, right? Well, we apply some clean liquid to it and use the sneaker cleaner, and look at how well it's working. The dirt is actually coming off. Now this is the clean shoe and the dirty shoes side by side.

It's actually good if you ask me; this is just a must-have for all the sneaker heads out there, and the price of this device is 2500 rupees (30.46 $).

Mini laptop Soundbar

Bars are expensive, so how about this really cool mini Soundbar that just cost a thousand rupees? First of all, these look super cool with these RGB lights, and I love the fact that these can be detached like this. How cool is this? This means you can set it up around your laptop or desktop.

It looks cool, and these are 10 watt USB speakers that actually get loud, and there's even good bass in them. There's also a good stereo effect with the detachable design.


I also liked that it has this knob for volume control, and it has the headphone jack and a mic Port look. I think this is just super valuable money because you can connect it to your laptop, TV, or desktop. It works with everything. The price of this device is only 1000 rupees (12.18 $).


Electric Water Dispenser

If you use one of the big water cans at your home, I'm sure you hate lifting it up and setting it up, and that's where this comes in very handy. Trust me, you need this. This is an electric water dispenser that's super useful for your daily use. You just need to connect this tube.




This in the water can like this now you can just press the button on the top and the water starts dispensing. This is great because this works really well and the water flow is better than most water dispensers out there. This has a battery life that should last two water cans and you can charge it via micro USB cable and also.




The price is very affordable at 389 rupees(4.74$), and with this, you don't need any big, expensive water dispensers anymore, and you can place the can anywhere you want.

Universal Phone Holder 

Normal phone holders are boring. This is a phone holder on steroids. I say that because this can be set up basically anywhere. I mean, you can set it up on your desk, you can set it up in something like the kitchen, you can attach it to your car, and this is great. I mean, the possibilities are endless.





And it's very useful because you can just place your phone here and use it while you're working, cooking, or driving. Plus, I like how versatile this device is. I like that it's adjustable, so you can set the angle, you can set the phone in portrait or landscape, and the mount can be rotated, so it's all very flexible. The price of this really cool phone holder is just 350 rupees (4.26 dollars), so yeah, super value for money.

Mini Pocket Printer

Lastly is this really cool pocket printer, and I'm sure you're wondering how this is useful for daily use. Well, let me show you. First of all, this is a wireless printer that does not even need a cartridge. It uses heat to print, so you don't need any cartridge, and it is thermal paper, which is available on Amazon for like 70 to 80 rupees (0.85 $). With this, you could print photos in black and white that look pretty cool.




But the usefulness comes because you can print out notes with it; you can print out doodles you can print out QR codes too; and along with the usual thermal paper, it supports sticker paper, so you can print stickers with it for your desk or your fridge. The app is also really good because it lets you print almost everything, there are a lot of Handy editing tools here, and printing is just seamless. We bought this for 2500 rupees (30.46 $). This is a really cute-looking wireless printer that you can use.


Well, these gadgets are actually something that you will use in your daily life, and my favorite Gadget from the list is the TV keyboard remote, which is super handy, but I want to know from you which is your favorite Gadget from the list. Comment down below also.

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