iPhone overheating problems ? Tips how to fix it

Ashish Charde

iPhone overheating when charging

Take care of yourself and your iPhone from overheating problems . You have bought it with a lot of money. If you are an iPhone enthusiast, then you should follow these tips. So that your iPhone stays at 100% battery health with my iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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iPhones are designed to perform optimum in 0-35 degrees Celsius. But now you know that the temperature has gone to 40 degrees in India. So how can you maintain it well? These are the summer tips and do's and don'ts.

  • Tip number 1 

Never let your iPhone's battery go below 30%. 

As soon as it reaches 30%, put it on charging mode and don't charge it more than 80%. You must have seen a message that your iPhone is telling you that it can't charge above 80% because there is a lot of heating here. This is why Apple restricts it. 

Especially in the summers, when there is a lot of heat, you should also restrict it yourself. If your iPhone is charging above 80%, remove it.

  • Tip number 2

Don't use a case while charging.

I have two types of cases here. One is a RhinoShield case and the other is a Totem case. In these two cases, there is very little chance of heat coming out of the phone. You are applying an additional layer of insulation on your phone. These cases are very important because they provide drop protection.

Once the phone is hot, it's okay if the battery is damaged. But the glass of the phone should not break because it is very expensive. That's why it is very important I also personally use the tough cases of RhinoShield on my phone. But when you put your phone on charge, remove the case so that your phone stays cool as much as possible. If you don't want to remove the phone case again and again, then our next tip will help you. 

  • Tip number 3

The next tip is to use a case with a perforated back. If you can see properly, there are small holes in it.

Some materials have also been used here that dissipate heat. See how many layers they have used so that your case stays cool. This case is from a company called Graphene. This case is actually useful. When it is attached to your iPhone, it helps a lot to get the heat out. I have taken this case out for the summer. I am using it on my iPhone now.

The only negative point is that it is not a MagSafe capable case. If you stick a MagSafe accessory on the back, it will not stick. This is Belkin's MagSafe battery pack. It will definitely give you wireless charging.

  • Tip number 4

When you put your iPhone on charging, make sure that it is not too hot.

To maintain your iPhone well in the summer, the this tip is very useful. The iPhone supports fast charging from 20W to 27W. When you put your iPhone on charging, make sure that it is not too hot. Even at 30%, if you put your iPhone on charging, after 5-10 minutes, it gets very hot.

If your iPhone is hot and you feel tingling while touching it, please switch off your charger. This will make your phone lose its battery very quickly. After switching off your iPhone's charger, your iPhone will cool down after 5 minutes. Then you can switch it on. This mistake is common and many people make this mistake.

  • Tip number 5

Don't Do this Mistake 

If your car is standing in the sun, don't make this mistake. Don't put your phone on charging Why not? Because of the greenhouse effect If it is 40°C outside, it can be 50°C inside. There is a high chance that your phone's battery will get damaged.

First of all, switch on your car. Roll down your windows. Put your car's A.C. on full blast. When the car cools down, put your iPhone on charging. Don't leave your iPhone or any other phone in your car. If you want to go to a temple or a mosque, put your phone in your glove box and close it. The greenhouse effect works and your phone can overheat and also get damaged. So, don't do this.

  • Tip number 6

Smartphone Cooler


The next tip is for gamers and also for those people who don't want to switch off their phone after charging. There is a smartphone cooler which costs 1100 INR on Amazon. I have been using this for a long time. I have tested it and made many reels. 

There is a Type-C port at the bottom where you can connect the charger. You can also power it by connecting it to your phone. It cools down your phone and clamps the back of your phone. Now, you can play games without any problem.

It doesn't heat up your phone. When your phone is at room temperature and you start playing games, the temperature rises by 10 degrees. But this cooler maintains the temperature at room temperature. It will definitely save your phone from getting damaged. The negative point is that you have to connect a wire to power it.

  • Tip number 7

Do not put your phone in refrigerator

The next tip is for those who don't want to switch off their phone after charging. You should not do this. If you take your phone at a low temperature, it can condense the water which can damage the internal parts of your phone. Don't do this.

  • Tip number 8

Avoid wireless charging

The last tip is for those who use wireless chargers a lot. Wireless chargers provide convenience. Wireless chargers are available in your car. For wireless chargers, you should buy a maximum battery pack.

If you use wireless chargers in an air-conditioned room, there is no issue. If you use wireless chargers in a car, it is fine. Otherwise, you should charge your phone at home before going out. Wireless chargers produce a lot of heat while charging. You should avoid wireless chargers. These were my summer tips for iPhone. If you follow these tips, you can maintain your iPhone's battery health at maximum capacity.

Let me know in the comments which tips you use and which you don't.

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