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Ashish Charde

Today we're taking a look at Best amazing free apps that I believe every iPhone user must have on their device in 2023 now most of these will be super useful and most of them are actually brand new apps that you've probably never heard before go ahead take a look at these apps try them out on your device you will probably use a lot of them on daily basis.

💡 Table of Content:

1. UnScreen (Control phone usage)📱

This is a super useful app that is very simple to use. It allows you to passcode lock any app on your iPhone and hide any app on your iPhone. 

It's very easy to use. You go to the app and you tap right here to add a new section. So what you want to do here is select the apps you want to lock with a passcode, select the apps you want to hide from your phone, or even block different websites that you might want to block. 

So what you need to do here is, of course, enter a name. Once you have entered the name, choose the time here when you want to actually lock or hide these apps, so once we go here, let's go with password lock, let's go here to Social, and let's lock Instagram. Click on the done button, and we're good to go. I can also start a new session right here, maybe with some apps you want to hide.

You can see that you can create any different sessions you want, and just like that, the Instagram app is now actually locked. Tap it there, and you can see it says Instagram lock, and all you have here is an option to close it. Of course, once you want to unlock it, you can actually just go to the app. You will have the session. Tap on end session. You're good to go. Your apps have now been unlocked.

Download : UnScreen (Free)

2. Charging time (Tool to predict charging time) 📱

This app will let you know how much time you need to charge your iPhone to a certain point. 

Now that you have the app, you can see the current status: unplugged, current battery level, and then Target battery level: of course, you can set the target from here, and then it will show you basically how many minutes and at which hour your iPhone will be charged at that level that you want, and I will have to choose here the way you're charging your iPhone, whether using a computer, your charger, your car, or maybe a battery pack. 

So right here, now that I'm using my computer, I plug my device into charge, and you can see once it's plugged in and charging, it will start charging, and it will show me how much time I need to charge my iPhone, and right here you can choose the level to see the times better, so four minutes to sixty percent seventy percent 15 minutes, and then you can switch here between like different minutes and the dates as well and take a look at how much charging your iPhone needs to reach a certain point of time, which is really useful. 

Now if you go here, you can also add your charger, so by default, you will have the computer, your charger, and the battery pack. Add other items if you want to, and then you will have the settings where we can set the level to which you want to charge your iPhone and then display the time right on the app.

Download  Charging time (Free)

3. Highlighter (No-nonsense Highlighter app) 📱

It's a super useful app, and it has some really cool new features. So what it does is allow you to hide any text you want on a picture, maybe a screenshot you want to share with someone. You probably go ahead and use the markup tool of iOS to just hide something with this app. 

That can be done really easily, so you go ahead and pick the magic right there, the magic highlighter, and you can just swipe like this on any word or sentence you want, and you can see it will actually hide it automatically for you. Of course, you can choose different colors if you want to, so let's hide that, and just like that, it will do the job for you, and it works really well. You can, of course, delete it.

So you just choose the Eraser just like that you can delete anything you want and what's really cool is that you can actually search for words so if I just go ahead and search here for download search for download it will find that word tap on done it will actually hide that word for me as easy as that and of course once you're done tap the little share button and you can save this image or share it anywhere you want with the words that you want hidden.

Download Highlighter (Free)

4. Swiper (Swipe your image to clean)📱

Now swiper is a free app that allows you to just organize your photos and delete any photos or screenshots that you don't need very easily. So right here on the home screen, you will see all your photos, and then you will have every month in which you have different photos. 

You can go to a specific month and take a look at those photos. We're going to go ahead and switch the screenshots or switch to your videos, so while on the screenshots right here, I can swipe like this to delete a screenshot, swipe like that to keep a screenshot, and swipe again here if I want to delete these, and once I am done with that, all I have to do now is just tap that button, and from here, tap on the delete button, and those photos are now deleted from my camera roll. 

As easy as that, you can organize your iPhone and, of course, delete all the different photos that you probably don't need but still have on your iPhone, especially screenshots. This will make it very easy for you to delete any one of them.


Download Swiper (Free)

Right away, enhance your iPhone experience

Naturally, you would want to make the most of the features of a new iPhone. You may enhance your iPhone experience by having all the necessary, potent ,free apps for every daily task with the help of the apps on the following list.

Additionally, you aren't always required to get a new phone. You can make your old phone feel brand-new again in a variety of ways, including by doing a factory reset or a thorough purge of your installed apps.

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