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Amazing news of the iPhone 15 seriesThe maximum news in this is good news, but there is also bad news.

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Let's see if that news is bad news or good news for youIn the last blog of the iPhone 15 series, we saw that whether it is a non-Pro model or a Pro model, everyone's battery is going to be humongous. It is going to be a massive battery, but a lot of Android users who read our blog, they don't understand that how can a battery of 4000 mAha battery of 3500 mAh or a battery of 5000 mAh be massive?

So, my brother, ask any latest iPhone user how many days your iPhone runs. The iPhone 14 Plus or 14 Pro Max runs for 2-2 days on a single charge. The flagship devices of Android can do it with great difficulty. So, this phone will run for 3 days with new battery life and new battery size. 

Now, the iPhone 15 series, 15 Pro, Pro Max, whatever it will be, you will get to see Type-C ports instead of Lightning. And in this news, it has been specifically mentioned that you will get to see a non-Pro model of the iPhone 15 series where you will get to see a Type-C port instead of Lightning. Because Apple does this a lot that they give features in Pro and Pro Max and remove that feature in non-Pro models.

So, this thing is not going to work now because the European Union has put full pressure on them that you have to give Type-C instead of Lightning.

The next cover is also good and it is also confirmed that you will get to see this kind of dynamic island in the non-Pro model of the iPhone. In the current non-Pro model, you will get to see this kind of notch. It is also the same in 14 which is not able to differentiate because of which it does not look different compared to the old iPhones. 

So, Apple has to do something new. They have to take money out of your pocket. So, what will they do? They will give dynamic island in non-Pro models. And one more thing that will be similar to the Pro model, in the non-Pro model, it is being said that in the leaks and rumors, the latest news that we have received that this time the non-Pro models with glossy finish will get to see matte finish models insteadThe back glass will be frosted matte finish due to which there will be no finger prints and you will also get to see a premium look.

And this frosted back glass model looks very premium compared to the glossy back finish model. So, Samsung also gives frosted matte finish glass back in their phones. 

The Type-C port inside the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max instead of the Lightning port can be faster than the non-Pro modelApple can restrict the Type-C port speed of the non-Pro model but a lot of people are not going to use it. But still, 

why did Apple need to do this?

Because how will they justify the extra price of the Pro model? So if you are going to buy the non-Pro model, keep in mind that the Type-C port speed of these models may be slower than that of the Pro model.

But if you are using Apple's ecosystem, AirDrop, then it doesn't matter. But if you ever have to transfer data, then it will make a difference.

You know this, the old chip inside the non-Pro model, that is, the new chip of this year's Pro modelis going to come. But a new chip will come inside the Pro model. And also, for the first time, there are a lot of chances of getting 8GB RAM inside the Pro model. Because 6GB RAM is now starting to seem less to Apple. 

And in the future, the features that are going to come in the software, in iOS 17 in iOS 18, in iOS 19, in iOS 20, there you can get 6GB RAM less. So there are a lot of chances of getting an 8GB RAM upgrade. 

Design And Frame

The bezels of the display inside the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will be more slim than this timeAnd the edges will be more curved. The display will be flat, but the corners of the bezels will be more curved, which will make it easier for you to use.

And the overall form factor can be reduced a little if Apple doesn't change the display size. In all the models so far, Apple has always given a stainless steel framewhich looks very beautiful and is also very durable. But this time, Apple, which is taking the durability to one level, from the Titanium side, which is confirmed, you will get to see it in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The titanium look is good, it looks a little like aluminum, but it is very tough.

This is Apple Watch Ultra, and the sides are made of titaniumand it looks good too. So a new change will definitely come here. In the Pro models this time, there is a silver color, a black color, a purple color, and a gold color.

But in the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, you can see a new blue color, which you got to see in the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is similar to that, but a little different. And especially for the iPhone 15 Pro Max,

Cameras 15 Pro Max

Apple can use the periscope zoom lensThis will be a 6x periscope zoom lens, not the 10x one, like we get to see in the S23 UltraThat is, the photos of the moon, even if it is a fake one, it will not be able to take it out, but the extra zoom, you will definitely get to see it here. So this time, instead of the 3x, you will get to see this periscope zoom lens. May not get to see an extra lens setup.

Now let's come to the bad news, the only bad news on this, and it may not apply to all models, this is especially for the 15 Pro Max model, because it has so many features, a big display, a very big battery, a new chipset, more RAM, and periscope zoom lens, along with some other features, will be unique for it. 


So the 15 Pro Max, especially this model, compared to all the iPhone models of last year, especially the Pro Max models, will be significantly expensive. Now how expensive can it be? It can be 100$ to 200$ dollars expensivethat is, it can be 10,000 to 20,000 rupees per model. But will the 15 Pro Max users, or the buyers, will it make a difference? It will make a little difference, it will look bad, but the buyers will definitely buy it.

What do you think ? ↗️

if it becomes expensive, will people go back on it? Will they buy the Pro or the Pro Max? Whatever you think, do let me know in the comment section. And how did you like the iPhone 15 series.

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