iOS 16.6's RC Version | Update Size ?

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What is  iOS 16.6's RC version ?

This is iOS 16.6's RC version, i.e. Release Candidate Version, i.e. Final Version, which will be a public stable version for you and an RC version for beta testersI mean, you will get to see this version on all your phones in a few days. Now, which day is that? We will see that later.

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Update size, build Number, Modern update

Right now, iOS 16.6's RC version has an update size of 5.36 GBThis happens because the entire iOS system is reinstalled. You won't get such a big update. You will get an update of 1 GB or 1.5 GB, a stable update on your phone. You can update that. I will update you about this.

Before the update, the iOS version was also 16.6, because it is a beta versionBeta 1, beta 2, beta 3, beta 4, beta 5. And then this RC version came. Before the update, the available free space in my iPhone 14 Plus was 50.57 GB. Before the update, the build number was A at the end. And the current build number will have nothing at the end.

And before the update, the modem firmware was 1.80.02. After the update, the available free space has increased. It has become 51.48 GBSo this is a good thing. It can also be in the stable version. The available free space in your phone will increase. And after the update, the build number is 20G75. There is no letter at the end.

This will be your final stable version. If Apple releases release candidate 2then it is a different matter. Otherwise, it will remain the same. And after the update, you won't see any change in the modem firmware from the beta version. But if you go from the stable version to the stable version, then you will see 1.80.02 here.

What's new

Now let's see what's new in this update. But before that, whenever there is an update of the RC version. It is written here what is new in it. But this time, for the first time, Apple has not mentioned what is new in this update. So why is this? Only Apple knows. Maybe they didn't see anything new in it. That's why it is like this. Anyway, in the final version, because we will cover all the updates and changes from beta 1 to RC versionyou will definitely see something new in it.

Now this update of 16.6, one thing that Apple introduced initially was the verification of But the verification of the contact is not visible anywhere now. So it is possible that you will not see this thing in the final stable version.

So this should not have been a thing in it. But for now, this thing is not new in it. Apart from this, in the RC version in particular, there is a lot of new in 16.6. But in the RC version, you will not see anything new apart from this. 

Release notes

Let's check out the release notes once. Can we see anything there? You can see here. It is a very stable update according to Apple. That's why there are no known issues here. There is a resolved issue here that Apple has fixedPairing matter accessoryWhich is of no use to you and me. You don't use it, I know. And it is related to Apple HomeIt is an accessory related to Apple Home. And there is a known issue in Xcode here. There is no known issue apart from this. So it is a very sensible decision. 

If you are not going to the beta version of iOS 17 and you are staying on the stable version of iOS 16.6, then this is a good thing. There is no issue in it. It is not necessary that you go to the beta version of iOS 17 because there is a lot of stability here. And if you want peace of mind, then staying on iOS 16.6 is a better decision.

Network & Battery 

Now the performance of the network is good here. There is no issue in it. Whatever SIM card you are running, it is good. You will get to see the experience in it. WiFi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, Hotspot. Everything is fine. And as far as the battery life is concerned, compared to iOS 17, you are getting a better battery life in iOS 16. In iOS 17, you may get to see a better battery life in iPhone 15 series.

Because so far, you have not seen such a good battery life there. As far as the battery health is concerned, it is 100% here. You should not have any issue in it. And iOS 16 is not a battery health eater. It was beta 1 of iOS 17. But now beta 2 and 3 of iOS 17 are also working So you should not have any problem in battery health.

Performance & Benchmarks

Now if we talk about the performance, then the overall performance is good. You will not see much app crashing. You will not see much app crashing. Keep updating the app properly. Go to the App Store. And after that, swipe down on the photo here and keep updating the app. Until you do not see any issue, that is, there is any news that yes, WhatsApp is crashing after update. So it is better to update. 

let's check the benchmark once. So let's go to the history here. First of all, let's see the CPU score. The last update came on July 11. It was 17464572. Single and multi-core score. And today it is 17464572. So the difference between 19 and 20 is always there. And that is here. And you will not see much difference here. 

And today's score is 17434665. It is also in the CPU score here. Otherwise, there is no major difference. And the GPU score of July 11, which is important for gamers, was 12,589. And today it is 12,535. So again, there is a difference of 19 and 20. There is no major change here. So you don't have to worry.


Now let's look at the calendar. So the update of the final stable version can be seen on Tuesday, Monday of the next weekAnd in the same week, you can also see the next beta version of iOS 7. So two updates are expected in July. Whether this thing comes or not, that is to be seen. By the way, the RC version has come. 

So if you don't take out RC2, then Apple will release the stable update of iOS 16.6 very soon. So this was the story of the RC version of iOS 16.6. Whether you are on stable, beta, or iOS 7.Wherever you are, you can write your experience in the comment section and let me know.

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