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Recording iPhone Voice Calls: A Comprehensive Guide to Voice Call Recorders for iOS

The biggest complaint of iPhone users is that there is no call recording in the iPhone, for which they have to carry another phone. So now there is a gadget called Magsafe Voice Call Recorder by Magmoa device that can record a call on your iPhone. You have to pay for it only once, that is, you have to buy that thing. There is no subscription model. 

All the iPhone call recording apps that don't work properly, you have to make a conference call on it. You don't have to do all that. And now your work will be done with just one phone. This is their claim. 

So let's test it. 

    • where will you get it from?
    • What will be its price?
    • What will be the warranty?

First of all, you should buy it or not

First of all, let's look at its box. here you can see that it connects to your phone through MagSafe. It is written like this. And the price written here is around 14,000 RsBut I got it in a very low priceI will tell you all the things. You can also see the one-year warranty on it. Inside the box, you get this call recorder, which is made of plastic.

And here you get two more things. One, you get this data cable for charging, which is a lightning cable. And this is their user manual. You won't need the user manual.

I will explain everything to you. And you can also use the lightning cable that you have.

Design And Build Quality Magmo Magnetic Call Recorder

Now let's check its design and build quality. As I told you, it is made of plastic. It sticks to your iPhone like this because of MagSafe. And it is very slim, very sleek. There is a button here. You can record a call and end it. And if you look at the bottom, you get a lightning port here. It will also charge and transfer dataThen there is an LED lightIt will glow when charging and recording. And it will also tell you the status of the battery with different colors. If you look at this side, there are magnets, which stick to your phone.

Magmo battery life.

The manufacturer claims that you will get around 6 hours of calls. Once you connect it, you can record calls for 6 hours. If you talk for 6 hours in one day, the battery will be discharged in one day. If you make calls for 6 hours in 2 days, 3 days, or in a week, its battery life will last that long. And the storage inside it is 32 GBSo you can record 500 hours of calls with this. So this is the right thing.

How to record calls in MagSafe Call recorder?

Now let's talk about how to record calls. 

Can it work with this, which is a case?

Yes, it can work with a case.

And it can also work with your phone. I will tell you about the quality of the call First of all, see how to record calls. So it sticks to your phone like this. When you call someone, you dial. When the call is ringing, I will show you a call. So suppose you have called someone. Now the call is ringing. So you have to turn on the switch like this.

And as soon as you turn it on, a light will glow. This will tell you that the call recording is on. And as soon as you cut the call, turn it off. The call recording will be turned off. It is important to do this. Otherwise, even after the call is over, your voice will keep recording. Then the exact file you need for the recording can be a little big.

Now let's talk about the call quality. To tell you how the call quality is, connect it to your PC or Mac. Now you have to plug this cable into the port of the lightning end.

And turn on the call recording button from here. This goes into data transfer mode. it is showing no name. Because here it is showing the internal files. We have a recording directory. And here are the recorded files. You can Follow this video for quality of call recording.


Now let's talk about its pros and cons.

  • What is good in it?
  • What is bad in it?


  • Pros number one is that it can work directly on your phoneAnd as I told you, it can work with your MagSafe case in this way. And the way to turn on and off the call recording is also very easy. 

  • Turn it on with one button. Turn it off with another button.

  • The internal storage in it and its battery life is also very good.

  • You can record a lot of calls. And you can use it for a long time. This is also a very good thing.

Now let's talk about the cons.


  • First of all, you have to buy a separate device. So this is not the con of this. This is the con of the iPhone.

  • They have not kept the internal call recording.

  • One con is that if you record a call on a Samsung phone, then it tells you the mobile number, who you were talking to, timing, etc. You will not get to see that in this.

  •  You will have to put that thing there manually. That is, whatever calls you have recorded, later at night at home or once a week.

  • if you want to find that call, you can find that call recording and rename it. So this is also a con. Because you have to put an extra effort.

But overall, this is more positive for me. Why is that? Because it is very easy. And you just snap it and your call recording is on. You don't have to carry an extra phone if it is with you.

Now let's talk about its pricing and availability. So the box has an MRP of around 14,000 Indian rupees (170.63 $).But what I got is 10,999 (134.05 $ ). Hold 11,000 (134.05 $). I bought it in 10,999 (134.05 $) from cellbuddy.in I ordered it through them. It is listed there. If you want to buy the product, you can buy it.

You will get a 1-year warranty on it. And if there is any issue, manufacturing defect, or if it stops working suddenly in case of normal usage. If you are breaking it, then it is different. If you are soaking it in water, then it is different. Because there is no IP rating on it. In that case, you will not get a warranty. Otherwise, if there is any issue, you will get a warrantyAnd with this, they also give free home delivery. That is, it is included in the price.


If you like it, You can go and purchase from thereAnd if you don't like it, you can drop your comment that what did you like about it, what did you not like about it. Now its cost is on the higher side. Of course, because you are getting a new thing. A new technology has come, so initially it is expensive. It is possible that after a year, two years, it will be available at half the priceBut for now, it is of  Rs 10999.And those iPhone users who want to keep only one phone, it is also worth it for them.

So how did you like this MagSafe Call Recorder? Do let me know by commenting. I hope, friends, you liked today's Blog. If you liked the Blog, then do like and share it.

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