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iPhone 15 Battery: Powering Your Tech Journey Like Never Before!

I have brought for you the amazing leaks of iPhone 15 And these leaks will make your heart happy. Maybe you will cancel any plan to buy a phone of the iPhone 14 series. Because many of you iPhone users say that they want more battery life.

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Is there a 5000mAh battery for the iPhone?

While the battery life of the iPhone 14 series and 13 series is phenomenal. I am talking about the Pro and Plus models. Now, there is no plus in 13 series but there is a plus in 14 series. And 14 Pro Max, 13 Pro Max, their battery life is phenomenal.

Now, you will get to see the same thing in the 15 series as well. And this is the amazing battery life. So, what are these leaks and what is the exact battery life? I will tell you about these leaks first. According to the latest leaks, in the iPhone 15, the non-Pro model, the smallest model, you will get to see 18% bigger battery life than If you are thinking of buying the iPhone 15 Plus or the iPhone 15 Pro, you will get to see 14% bigger battery life And in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, you will get to see 12% bigger battery life And these are the exact battery numbers. In the iPhone 13 series released in 2021, the battery capacity of 13 series was 3227 mAh.

In the iPhone 14 series, it was 3279 mAh. But in the iPhone 15 series, you will get to see the battery capacity of 3877 mAh. In the iPhone 13 mini, the battery capacity was 2406 mAh but the Mini did not come after that. In iPhone 14 Plus, it was 4325 mAh. And in iPhone 15 Plus, you will get to see the battery capacity of 4912 mAh. In iPhone 13 Pro, it was 3095 mAh.In iPhone 14 Pro, it was 3200 mAh. but the 15 Pro has a battery capacity of 3650 mAh.

The 13 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 4352 mAh. The 14 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 4323 mAh, but the 15 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 4852 mAh. The biggest battery is the iPhone 15 Plus, followed by the iPhone 15 Pro Max, followed by the iPhone 15's non-Pro model, and the 15 Pro's battery will be the smallest, but it's also bigger than the previous model. But the 15 Pro and Pro Max's batteries will give you more battery life than the non-Pro model.

15 series phones  A17 Bionic chip 

The display used in them will consume less power than the non-Pro models. And the other thing is the A17 Bionic chip, which you will only get to see in the Pro model. Now, if you have a big battery, the iPhone 15 series phones will be a little thicker than the previous iPhone, i.e. The 14 series.

Now, everyone is already used to such heavy phones, so it's okay if they are a little thick and a little heavy, but it's going to be more fun if the battery lasts for three days instead of two. 

iphone 15 type c or lightning?

Now, the next news is related to AirPods. If you wanted to buy AirPods Pro 2, then you can wait for 2-3 months. Because you already know that there will be a USB Type-C port in iPhone 15.

Similarly, the same USB Type-C port will also be available in Air Pods Pro. Right now, it has a Lightning port. Actually, it won't make any difference to you in using it, because it has wireless charging and MagSafe charging. But if you wire charge your iPhone, then you will use a Type-C cable. So, you will be able to use a Type-C cable in AirPods. And right now, all Apple products are Type -C. You will see it later.

I Phone 15 Colors

And the next news is related to the colors of iPhone 15. So, in iPhone 15 Pro, you can see a new Crimson color. It looks very beautiful with a matte finish. And if you look at the sides of Titanium, then you will get to see it beautifully. And in the non-Pro model of iPhone 15 series, three colors are being announced through leaks.

One is Blue, which has a slightly different shade. The other one is Green, which is a very different shade. It is not like the one that used to come in iPhone 13, which I never liked that much. And the last one is this Pink color. You tell me, how will the Pink color be? Will Apple bring such a dark Pink color or not? Whatever you think, do let me know in the comments. 

What will be the maximum storage of iPhone 15?

Now, the last news of this video is very exciting. Right now, the iPhones of iPhone 14 and 13 series, their base storage variant is very disappointing. It is of 128 GB. But in the Pro model of iPhone 15, Apple is going to give a 256 GB base storage variant. There is such a rumor. It was there last year too. This year, it is possible that finally, Apple will go and give 256 GB in the base storage and save its reputation.


So, these were the latest leaks of the iPhone 15 series. According to me, today's leaks are quite amazing, quite fantastic. If more leaks come, I will try to make more such Blogs for you. Apart from this, there are many other rumors. Periscope lens, Titanium, all these things. We have covered them before. But, I have told you the latest news in this Blogs. 

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