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What are Apple's accessibility features?

 Apple's Assistive Access is very easy to set it up for senior citizens or people with physical disabilitiesAnd for those people who do not know how to use the phone properly. Or for those people who want to reduce their screen time, want to minimize the usage of the phoneThis is a very good feature for them. How to set it up, how to use it, let's see. How can you use Apple's Assistive Access, which is the new feature of iOS 17? I am going to tell you here. 

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Now I will tell you how to turn on the Assistive Mode ?

    • Settings  > Accessibility ↗️

Step 1 

You have to go to the settings of your iPhone. It should be in iOS 17. This is the most important thing. And after that you have to go to Accessibility. Then we will go to the bottom. Here you will get to see in the General tab. Assistive Access. Tap on it.

Step 2

And here you have to tap on Setup Assistive Access. Now here you will get a step-by-step guideWhich will help you set up. So if you want to change the Apple ID of this device, you can do that. 

Step 3

Rows and Grids are available in two modesThe icons in the grid will be big. And the text in the row will be big. So for now I will take rows so that I can explain it to you easily.

Step 4

Which application is optimized for Assistive Touch? So this application is optimized because it is Apple's own. And the most important is Call, Camera, Messages, Music and Photos. This is the most important application according to Apple.

Step 5

And here are the other applications that are not made for them. But still you can add them to the home screen. So you can add WhatsApp etc. Which is important for you. You can add it from here. You can add Gmail. So I added Gmail here. And what permissions are required for Gmail. You can choose from here. So let's continue here. And here I added YouTube. And WhatsApp  also a necessary application. So let's add it too. And the recommended apps of Apple.

The important apps. When you add them. Photos, Music. a nd here when I add Camera. So what options do I want to select in the camera? I want to take a photo or a video. Or I want to take a photo or a video. So I can select that too. And I also tap on Calls from here. Now in Calls, which contacts do I want to call? Allow. I can add from here. And I can also allow from whom I can call. All contacts or selected contacts. And in the In Call option  keypad and speaker. I select both these options. Now let's continue here.

  • How to make emergency calls? 
  • How to see system notifications?
  • How to do software updates ?

For that you have to end Assistive Touch. So all this is fine. Let's continue.

Step 6

And now your Assistive Access is complete. Tap on Enter Assistive Access Now.

Step 7

Now here is the Passcode of Assistive Access. You have to put what you have just made.

Step 8

Now it will go to Entering Assistive AccessNow guys, we have entered Assistive Access. The order in which we have added applications. It has been added in that order. You can also change. Suppose I want to call someone. So I will press on Call. So all the contacts that are added. They are visible here. If you want, you can add more contacts.

If you go inside the camera. There is an option to take a photo or video in the camera. No other option is visible. I just  tap on Photo. It is straight simple here.  You can't switch on any other lens. This is the basic mode. 

Those who have a problem in seeing. Or in using the phone. Senior citizens can be. Or people with physical disabilities can be. This is perfect for them.

Now let's go back here. Let's go to Messages. Whose message came here? You can see that. Like I open this message. Now here I will tap on New Message. So see, there is an option for the keyboard. If you want, the keyboard will come. I can tap it and type anything here. The back button is also very big. And if I have to take a video inside the messages. I mean, who has a problem. You can take a video and message. Emoji is also big. You will see like this.

Let's see how YouTube opens. So YouTube is not yet optimized for itAs told by Apple. It was written there. YouTube will run normally. But it will be easy to get back from it. Gmail and WhatsApp are also the same. WhatsApp is not opening. I will show you here. So this is currently in the beta version. In the future, these applications will also be optimized for it. 

But what is optimized now. That is music, camera, and your gallery. So these are the things. And it is very simple and easy. And according to me it is very good. And Gmail has a new notification here. That there is a new email in Gmail. So it has come here. You can open Gmail and access it.

And it is also very easy to exit itYou have to triple tap Side button. 1, 2, 3And the password of Assistive Access. You have to enter it here. And it will be exited.

Assistive Access will be written hereAnd your phone will restart. And if you want to turn on Assistive Access again. Then you have to go to Accessibility here. You have to go to Assistive Access here. And you have to click on Start. And you can turn on Assistive Access.


So this way you can use Assistive Access. It is very useful. It is very useful for those people. Who have physical disability. They are senior citizens, they are not used to using phones. Or you can also use it. If you want to minimize the usage of your phone. You don't want to waste time on your phone. You just want to contact people. So this way you can set up your phone.

How did you like Assistive Access feature. Do tell me in the comments.

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