Firebolt Infinity Luxe With 4 Gb storage

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Today I have Firebolt Infinity Luxe, which is a smartwatch with a luxury collection. Full metal construction, Bluetooth calling and internal storage of 4GBData transfer is also possible and it has a very big display. It has a lot of amazing features. Let's check out everything one by one. And let's see if you should buy this watch or not. 

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Inside the box 

So this is the box of Firebolt Infinity Luxe. 
You get this QR code behind the box. You can scan it and pair your phone with the watch. It works on both Android and iOS devices. In the box, you get the user manual and some freebies like coupons. You also get Firebolt Infinity Luxe smartwatch and
its magnetic charging cable, which is also 
used for data transfer.

Design and Build Quality of Firebolt Infinity Luxe

The design and build quality of Firebolt Infinity Luxe smartwatch is outstanding. You get to see the full metal construction. If you look from all sides, you will see metal only. You also get to see three metal buttonsIt has a functional digital crown with which you can change the watch faces. You can also scroll through the menu and go to the back. The strap is also made of metalwhich gives you a premium look. But it is also comfortable to wear. 

The case of the watch is raised above the glass so that your glass does not get damaged when it falls. Firebolt Infinity Luxe is an IP67 rated smartwatchSo you can easily soak it in water.

Following these simple steps, for pair

Let's quickly pair this smartwatch with our phone. You can pair it with both Android and iPhoneThe process is the same. Scan the QR code and open the link. Download the app. After opening the app, click on the added device. You will get to see your watch in front of you. Just pair it from here. By following these simple steps, you can pair your watch with both Android and iPhone.


The display of Firebolt Infinity Luxe is 1 .6 inches HDIt is a very good display. The bezels are also very thin. I will show you another watch face. On this watch face, you will understand that the bezels are very thin. This is a feature of round dial watches. Its brightness is also very good. You will get good outdoor visibility. If you look at the watch from any angle, you will not have any issue in using it.


The user interface and menu system of Firebolt Infinity Luxe is very simple. Swipe from top to bottom. You will get a control center from where you can directly adjust the brightness. You do not need a raise to wake feature. You have to turn on or off the low power modeEverything will happen from here.

Swipe from top to bottom. You will get a notification of your messages. All WhatsApp notifications will be displayed here. Swipe from right to left. You will go to the individual application. Swipe from left to right. You will get a call optionYou will get to see recent calls, contacts, etc. To go to the menu, there is a button at the top. If you press it, you will go directly to the menu. If you press the crown, you will go back. If you press the button below, you will go directly to the sports mode.

You can see the style of the menu. It is very simple and easy to understand. You get a lot of menu modes here. There are two list modes, grid, cellular, flower, windmill, etc. You can choose whatever you want.

Health feature

Let's quickly see the health features of this watch. First of all, you get heart rate monitoring. It will work 24x7. It will measure your heart rate throughout the day and tell you. Then you get to see the option of blood oxygen, i.e. SPODU.

  • It can check your blood oxygen level and tell you.
  • There is also an option for blood pressure monitoring.
  • You can track your blood pressure throughout the day with this watch.
  • There is also sleep tracking. It will tell you your quality of sleep.
  • You also get a step counter here
  • It will tell you your daily activities. Whether you are in workout mode or not.

If we talk about sports mode, there are so many sports modes here. You can see almost 300 or 300 plus sports modes in this watch. You can choose more from here. Along with sports mode, there is also the option of sport history.

It will show you the record of sports. How much you walked, how much you jogged, how much you boxed. You can see everything here. 

There are many more features here. Like music control. You can control your phone's music with this watch. There is the option of weather. It will tell you your local weather and weather forecast. There is the option of AI voice assistant. You can talk to Siri or Google Assistant through your watch. You will also get to see the calculator. You can do quick calculations on your wrist with this.

There is also 4GB of internal storageBecause of this, you get a feature called voice record. You can record your voice directly on your watch with this. When I connected this to my Macbook or PC Mac. To transfer data. I tried to download a music file as a sample. It was very easy. It took only 2 minutes. You have to connect this to your PC or Mac with the charging cable.

    • You get the phone mode here. 
    •  Can control your phone's music with this.
    •  Also get the TWS mode.
    •  Connect TWS earbuds directly with this.
    •  Easily connect any earbud.
    •  Get the local mode.
    • You can play any music you want.
    • You can store it in the case.
    • Even if you are not carrying the phone. You can listen to the songs you want to listen to in the outdoor.
    • There are alarm clocks, stopwatch and timer.
    • There is also a game. They have given a lot of games. To pass the time.
    • If you want a camera.
    • You can control your phone with this watch. just have to tap from here .And your phone will take a picture.
    • You get a dial pad for calling. make a call from here. There are contacts. You don't have to add all the contacts of your phone. This is a very good feature.
    • There is an option for recent calls.
    • The quality of the call is very good. The loudness is also fantastic.
    • You can easily receive and make a call. For Bluetooth calling. Thumbs up from me for this watch.

Let's check out the application. This is the application. You can see it on your phone. This is the main screen. You can see all the health data. This is the sports data. It will track your GPS route. This is the device option. You can change the watch faces. They have given 110 plus watch faces.

There is an alarm setting. Surrender reminder. Water reminder. You can also find watch. If you can't find a watch on your phone. Tap on it. The watch will ring.

This is the profile option .You can set your target. You have seen. There are so many awesome features. With so many features. 


Firebolt Infinity Lux. This is a smartwatch. You can see the battery life for 7 days. I found this smartwatch amazing. The features are very good. The display is very good. Metal body, Metal strap. The look is also very good. It has a very robust build. You can use up to 4 GB storage. This is a very unique feature. Bluetooth calling is very loud. The price is very good. It is only Rs 3499 (42.60$). If you are looking for a smartwatch for Rs. With so many features. You can definitely go for this watch. 

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